Sydney Australia Appreciation

June 10, 2015


My history is complicated, I was born in Hyderabad, India, lived in New Zealand for seven years, and have moved eight times within Australia. Oh but I’m 100% Russian. Yeah, not typical I know. It’s all thanks to my father, a doctor who, to me, is the most selfless man alive. He has dedicated his life to helping others while also being an incredible father and now, an amateur iron man. I’d be very happy if I achieve half of what he has in my lifetime.

Anyway, the premise for this is now I’ve found myself in the big smoke, away from my parents and trying to make something of myself. I live in the grand city of Sydney and, though it’s intimidating, I’ve never been more excited for all the opportunities this city presents. I often look at new places I live with a different insight due to the diversity of my background. So with Sydney, I notice a lot, and I appreciate a lot more. It’s a city full of culture, history, fashion and dreams being relentless chased. I love Sydney (more so in Summer than Winter though, to be fair), I love how it’s a melting pot of diversity, a hub of innovation, and a destination so many dream about visiting. If you love great food, gorgeous fashion and sensational sights, well Sydney is for you. I’m yet to explore all the places I hope to but I certainly have fallen for the gorgeous beaches in the North and East. Here’s a few snaps I’ve taken along the way during my Summer adventures;


I live for glorious weather like these pictures illustrate. I’m so lucky to call this place my home, and though I may not live here forever, I’m grateful to enjoy this chapter in my life in beautiful Sydney.

So that’s it, let me know where you love to explore in Sydney and beyond.

Until next time.

Anna x


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