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July 25, 2015


Nestled towards the top Albion St in Surry Hills is this little gem – Rueben Hills. When you first arrive, you’re most likely going to be greeted with a waiting list, yep, be prepared to wait if you want to experience this place (no reservations taken). While you’re sitting outside watching the world go by and waiting to be seated you may ask yourself; is any breakfast/lunch worth waiting 30 minutes for? Once you have managed to get yourself a table and some of their transcendent food the only answer that seems appropriate is a resounding hell yes!

Sunday midmorning saw my partner and I venture out to see what the fuss was about with the much talked about Rueben Hills – a 30-minute wait later (much to the frustration of my boyfriend) saw us seated upon high chairs near the entrance. The place was bustling with life in a beautiful terrace that takes the form of a warehouse. The staff were jovial yet laid back, wearing casual denim uniforms with all forms of self expression displayed. I loved the atmosphere. The majority of guests were young groups of friends and couples and the music was blasting Eminem and old school hip-hop (which we happily bopped to).

Browsing the menu, there were a lot of damn appetising options with some atypical foods with a South American twist. Then, upon our waitresses recommendation, I went for the NOT a Rueben, a slow cooked wagyu sandwich and my partner went for the really f@%&ing good chicken (yes that was really it’s name, no it wasn’t censored). We ordered our regular coffee on top of that and received them shortly after. My partner considers him self to be a bit of a coffee enthusiast, and he was certainly impressed with this aromatic brew. Apparently the coffee is roasted in house and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Rueben Hills 1

We’re both big eaters (no seriously, if we could eat as a full-time job we totally would) so when our food order arrived, the size was a bit disheartening. However, we soon discovered we had nothing to worry about; in fact, we were so stuffed by the end of our meals we both swore the new diet had to start on Monday. The flavours were out of this world – every mouthful I had was heaven thanks to the melt in your mouth wagyu meat and delectable slaw. My partner was much the same; devouring his chicken like he hadn’t eaten all week.

By the end of it, 5kgs heavier, we were so grateful to have experienced this beauty. The bill was more than reasonable – $50 for two meals, and three coffees. My partner said he would happily pay more, expecting this sort of quality in an upper class restaurant.
Overall – we were delighted with the experience and are certainly planning a return soon. On top of that, we are recommending this place to all of our friends, so check it out guys!

What are your favourite places to eat in Sydney?

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