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July 25, 2015


So here I am. Officially alive for two decades. I’m not too upset about having my teen years overs, in fact, I’m happier than ever. 20 marks something I’ve wanted for a long time – not having the negative connotations inadvertently associated with teenage years. I’m 20. Somehow, the year between 19 and 20 sounds like a huge difference.

If anything, I feel like I can have more fun now. I am wholly responsible for myself, and that means pursuing whatever I want, despite what parents/partner/ friends may think. Maybe I will drop everything and go backpacking. Who knows? I’m a big kid now!

So with that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of places that I crave to one day see. Those illusive destinations, that you construct in your mind from tidbits of others adventures, media and the desire to experience a completely different culture. I commend those who have just dropped everything to fulfil their curiosities, I do hope I can do so one day. In my mind, the best way is to travel is with work involved, maybe that’s not for everyone, but for me, it would bring such immense satisfaction to travel while supporting myself. Who knows what life has in store, maybe I will land the job that would enable me to do this.

Here we go;

  1. S-P-A-I-N – My number one country to see. Why? It’s a combination of things, firstly, all Spanish people I encounter are absolutely gorgeous, outgoing, caring and vivacious individuals. Secondly, it stems from my parents who ventured there for their honeymoon. Ever since they first told me about their glorious time in Spain, it has become such a romantic pondering for me. They explored Cartagena, Madrid and the Mediterranean Sea. And when asked about the highlight of their trip it was certainly the FOOOOOOOD. Dad keeps talking about the Paella and other Spanish goodies. It just seems like heaven to me.


  1. RUSSIA – Umm so this is kind of embarrassing; both my parents are Russian (Moscow), I can speak Russian BUT I’VE NEVER BEEN TO RUSSIA! Now I’m not blaming anyone but c’mon… at 20 years old, I really need to explore my motherland and discover who I really am. So much is unknown – it’s a vast country with a rich culture and history, and to be truly immersed in the culture would be incredible – scary and intimidating – but incredible. Russia is happening, whether it is visiting with my family or going on an exchange, I will be there soon (mark my words).


  1. New YOOOOORKKK – An evolving love affair with the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. I once visited New York at the age of 16, but with life experiences moulding me into a mature and ambitious woman, I think revisiting will give me a new kind of appreciation. It is the ultimate city to make something of yourself – an older and larger Sydney. I would love to one day live there, at least for a year or two, and really gain some invaluable life experiences in one of the hardest working cities in the world. So much is said about NYC – I long to experience everything it has to offer and to be challenged by the fast paced, competitive disposition of the city. I have a colleague of mine who paints a wonderful picture of the hard work it took in order for him to live in the city; incessantly trying to land a job there, going through the GFC, and falling so unequivocally in love with one of the most interesting cities in the world. His tales inspire me to really apply myself at university life so one day maybe I will be the most suitable candidate for a career in the city of dreams.

new york

That’s all for now – of course, I would like to explore the whole world one day, but for now, a girl can only dream. I definitely do not want to be that person making excuses not to travel until it becomes truly difficult (kids, mortgages, bleh) . For now, I have university to commit to, but hey, who knows what the world has in store. I will keep dreaming, dreaming and working hard until those dreams become reality.

Anna xx


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