7 Days Clean – The Beyoncé Diet

August 9, 2015


WWBD: What would Beyoncé do?

That’s my current motto as I embark on the 22-Day Revolution by Marco Borges (AKA the Beyoncé diet), a plant-based program promising to “transform your body, reset your habits, and change your life”.

First of all – I’m a fairly healthy individual. But when it comes to food, I certainly don’t discriminate.  Meat, cheese, eggs, cakes I love it all. So why the heck would I willingly do this to myself?!

Because, like most of us, I find myself reaching for coffee and sugary snacks to keep my energy levels up, and almost everyday suffer from a tummy ache after eating.

Oh and of course, summer is coming.

Let me also add – I’ve attempted vegan before. It lasted 7 days. It was an epic fail, as I didn’t plan anything, and winged everything (i.e. frozen vegetables for dinner every night).

So, after a few G+T’s and a Thai binge the night before I decide to clean up my eating act (hey, a girl’s gotta live), I wake up ready to go.

Day 1

No warm delicious eggs for breakfast. I’m sad. And now hungry.

My Quinoa Salad with Lentils for lunch was weirdly delicious and filling (coming from someone who didn’t even know how to pronounce quinoa).

Raw Walnut Tacos for dinner – my blender breaks. I mush the walnuts with a potato musher. Not amazing and I eat a bunch of dates to satisfy my sugar cravings. Sorry Bey.

Day 2

I have a weird amount of energy. I smash my workout and feel super focused for the entire day.

Spanish Beans over Sweet Potato is the BEST THING EVER!

Day 3 

I watch Earthlings. I cry, a lot.

Day 5

My friend’s start thinking I’m crack with all my crazy levels of energy.

Avocado, cherry tomato lemon

A staple in my plan – cherry tomatoes, spinach and avocado with a squeeze of lemon. Delicious!

Day 6

My boyfriend loves that I’m cooking more, but wishes it were a little more… meaty. (Ha, sucker).

I fed him this cauliflower meal. That was a baaaaad decision. Who knew cauliflower had such bio-hazardous affects (RIP me).

One of my faves - roasted turmeric cauliflower, grapes, cherry tomato, and almonds

One of my faves – roasted turmeric cauliflower, grapes, cherry tomato, and almonds

Day 7

Here I am today – it’s been only 7 days and I feel like a new person. This whole week has seen me with incredible levels of energy – despite having a dramatic decrease in coffee consumption.

I get why vegans seem a little crazy to non-vegans, all that clean energy they’re on!

The most interesting side affect of this whole process though was that I able to workout everyday this week (I usually only do 5-6 days) with an immense level of intensity. I honestly thought I’d feel weak and lethargic with the supposedly small amount of protein I intake – but it’s been the opposite! I feel a baby six pack coming along and feel like I’m stronger than ever!

I still have 15 days left, but don’t see myself stopping there.

This feels good, I’m excited. More updates coming soon.

Thanks Queen B.


Anna x


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Comments (3)

  • Tamara D.
    August 10, 2015

    Ahhh Anna this is amazing!! I’ve been a vegetarian (at least two vegan meals a day) for about six months now and it feels so good 🙂 I love your blog xx

    • anna
      August 11, 2015

      That is soooo amazing girl! Doesn’t it feel good!? All that clean energy, love it! Plus – we’re helping save the planet 😀 xxx

  • May 2, 2016

    Esta deve ser a melhor coleção de blogging site que eu descobrisse.


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