Ladies, self-deprecating is no longer cute!

March 9, 2016


I’ve increasingly been noticing something super annoying that many of my girlfriends tend to be doing.

We’ve all heard it before, a perfectly gorgeous girl saying “Noo, I hate my face, my body, my mouth etc etc.” and are so adamant in their conviction there is literally nothing you can say to stop them iterating such nonsense.

QUESTION: Were we all bigger One Direction fan girls than we let on, and listened to “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” a few too many times?

1D gif

Cos I’m getting that impression ladies.

So let me tell you a fun fact about me. I have eyes. Two of them, to be exact. And while they are slightly impaired (short-sighted, -2.0) I feel like they give a pretty accurate assessment of reality.

So you can understand, when my girlfriends who I know and love, and who are positively beautiful, are uttering complete BS, Anna gets a little frustrated. Not mad, because, well, I’m a lady and I understand we can be a little unreasonable at times, but just frustrated.

Tay gif

We can all be self-deprecating at times – I mean, I’m the most awkward person when it comes to receiving compliments, but do we really feel the need to say awful things about ourselves, in order to feel normal?

Don’t you know that what you think, you become?!

Say it a few too many times (as a joke or not) and you start to believe it yourself.

We’re not all Kendall and Gigi-like goddesses, (I know I’m still grappling with that fact too) but that doesn’t mean we’re not beautiful, charming, sexy women either. It also doesn’t mean we all have to aspire to be like them, because the reality of it is, that there is only room for one Gigi and one Kendall – and both positions are full.

In a completely non-sexual, non-creepy way, I’m attracted to confidence. And I know I’m not the only one. A woman who is sure of herself literally brightens up a room, and commands the attention of everyone in it. Wouldn’t you rather be that woman, more so than the woman in the corner judging and picking at her flaws, rationalising for why she is it that position and you are in yours?

I sure would.

So whether you wish you were taller/smarter/funnier, appreciate what YOU have now, and stop focusing on the things you wish you could be.

You’re a unique damn flower – embrace it – flaws and all.

Because trust me, once comparisons are gone, and you start realising that you are good enough for everything you dream of, life becomes a whole lot more colourful.

Happy (late) International Woman’s Day you incredible things you!

Until next time,

Anna x










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Comments (2)

  • Nadia
    March 9, 2016

    Strongly agree :o)

  • Christina
    March 10, 2016

    Women like you makes our world a better place.


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